Robert Mondavi Case Review

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Robert Mondavi Case Review

Robert Mondavi Corporation

Robert Mondavi began making wine in Napa Valley in 1943. He started working in the wine industry with his family. He later started his own winery in Oakville, California. Mondavi, along with his two sons, Michael and Timothy, would guide the Robert Mondavi Winery to the strong position the company enjoys today. Mondavi introduced many new techniques to the California wine industry that included cold fermentation, stainless steel tanks, and the use of small French oak barrels to age fine wine. To stimulate the consumption of fine wine, Mondavi hosted many tours and educational events. He also established the Great Chefs program; the first winery culinary program in the U.S.
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He has created a lot of waves. We have a similar passion for excelling and hunger for learning. But we’re not smart enough to do what Jess is doing.”

Judging by this quote, one might notice the sarcastic undertone that is present. It leads the reader to believe that Robert Mondavi does not particularly agree with Kendall-Jackson’s business strategy. Trinchero Estates was started in Napa Valley in 1947 by John and Mario Trinchero. In 2002, annual sales of Trinchero were very similar to that of Kendall-Jackson. The more common name that these wines go by is Sutter Home. The product line is very similar to that of Mondavi and Kendall-Jackson. They too came out with a wine that was made out of a blend of grapes. This seemed to be a common trend in the mid ‘90’s. Southcorp recently became the world’s largest premium wine producer by acquiring the $728 million Rosemount Estates in 2001. Southcorp was a company that was very diversified in many different industries. With this move in 2001, they were following their vision of “becoming the leading global branded premium wine company.” Southcorp earned $750 million in revenues in 2002, but only 40% of that number was earned domestically. The majority of Southcorp’s revenue came from Australia.

Mass Producers Mondavi has two main competitors on the mass production arena. These two companies are Ernest & Julio Gallo, and Constellation Brands. Founded in 1933, E&J


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