Levis Strauss Canada Holding an Ember: the Gwg Brand

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Q1.Why do consumers buy jeans? What is the buying decision based on?
- Jeans were invented in 1873 by Levy Strauss. Consumers’ perceptions about jeans are following:
1. Durable and extra strong-In terms of durability Jeans are considered more durable than other fabric pants .This extra strong image attracts customers for the feel of rough and tough personality.

2. Symbol of rebellion :Blue jeans were adopted as a workers’ jeans and in the 1950 they became a symbol of rebellion when stars such as Marilyn Monroe and James Dean began sporting variations of the Denim bottom

3. Manual Labor through High Fashion : In modern time a blue jeans is considered as an everyday common garment for varied occasions .It has a fashion relevancy as well
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So if they don’t invest it can’t grow but unless it grows, Klee can’t justify an investment particularly with urgent market pressures facing their higher return brands i.e. Levi’s and Dockers. Klee has also stated his discomfort with the way Licensee has gone about GWG. He hasn’t invested money into it, hasn’t, updated any of the fits and hasn’t tried to build it as a brand at all. Klee was very much concerned that if the situation continues like this the Brand’s past glory will be lost. Klee knew that her priorities laid with the leading brands i.e. Levi’s and Dockers but on thinking about GWG as a brand she felt that there was an indifference shown by them towards the brand. Though she was not sure whether if the brand was taken aback there can be any growth beyond the sales figures of Jack Spratt’s sales number of the first year. On doing the mathematics and calculation on various operations required to rejuvenate GWG production and sales she was still not very much convinced with the result of cost benefit analysis. All the exercise and data crunching that was done by her was not giving a very clear cut direction to whether the brand should be revived or not. There were issues with minimum cost of production, shipping cost, no. of days of inventory needed, management staff needed to update the fits and increase brand awareness, create refreshed point of sales