Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes

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Let America Be America Again By Langston Hughes
Theme: Freedom
In his poem, let America be America again, Hughes focuses on American freedom and equality. His concern was on the socio-economic division in the American society. Relating the American declaration at independence, Hughes observes that the road to achievement of equality and freedom lost. The country has become corrupt and its leaders and businessmen are greedy. The grabbed land and gold making them wealthier during the common American citizen; the Negros, red Indians, the poor whites and immigrants lavish in poverty (Schmidt, and Lynne, 776). They have not achieved the American promise of freedom. Hughes wrote the poem with the
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Freedom from murder and killings committed when the unions and the people strike for their pressing grievances (Schmidt, and Lynne, 776). Equality for all who live in America is his ultimate call and going back to the drawing board and follows the American dream. The dream that kept the American spirit alive is nearing death, the country has changed from a land of freedom to a place of turmoil for the have not’s well those in power get everything for them. Disparities have increased and the gap between the poor and the rich gets wider every second. Trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty are the poor and their liberation lies in the forgotten American dream.
According to Hughes, the achievement of the American dream lies on the willingness of the people to redeem the country. If the so will redeem the land, the mines, the plants, the rivers, the mountains and the endless plain (line 83 & 84). If they come together with the will and determination of restoring the lost glory of America, they can make America again. Hughes is not selfish and, therefore, he does not dream for the freedom for himself or his African American society but seeks the freedom of all the poor and minority groups within America (Schmidt, and Lynne, 776). The restoration of the American dream is underway, many structural and legislative changes have occurred. President Obama has established the healthcare systems popularly known as