Wendy Peterson case analysis

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Business Memo
Date: 2/5/2014
Subject: Manager-Employee Issues

I am writing the memo to share some issues I have with one of my employees. Ten moths ago I hired a salesman with Chinese origin to help the company to take over the Chinese businesses in Plano, Texas. I cannot “click on personal level” with him since the very beginning of our relationship which is causing troubles in our communications. Another reason for our communication problem could be the different cultural background we have and our opposite personalities. I believe employees should be able to connect to their leader to become good followers. I think I am extrovert and should be able to get closer to him over time but there are some other issues that I
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Wu is a self-confident, intelligent person with entrepreneur experience. In his first moths he exposed himself as a dedicated student. He arrived early and stayed late nearly every day. He showed curiosity and attention to detail. He, also, enjoyed being expert for a change. After his first month he started his real sales efforts. Then he spent only early mornings in the office. He was not updating me for his daily progress with clients; his attendance at our weekly pipeline meeting was inconsistent, as well. Definitely he fell short in his routine and administrative duties. On other side, Wu enjoyed passing knowledge along to his colleagues and I was pleased wit his office conduct. The only concern I had was his disconnection with the rest of us on a personal level. He never talked for anything beside business. I was impressed when he signed his first client; with a contract of over $ 400,000.00 he almost doubled his annual goal of $250,000.00. Another dark spot on his performance was the sale of additional services to the existing client without manager’s approval. Overall he achieved his goals but I am very unpleased by the way he did it.
Allowing Wu to have personal assistant would be a precedent for AccountBack with negative consequences for the company in long run and it is unacceptable. Every true manager should show empathy and melt the cross cultural differences with his employees. I believe his request for assistant