Team Development

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BUMGT 5921 Organizations: Behavior, Structure, Processes Semester 1, 2013
Pre-sighted examination questions and notes on the examination


Section A
Question A1 will be offered in the exam without any change and you will have to answer this question. As a guide, approximately three pages long relevant answers should be sufficient for this question. It is worth 20% of the total grade for this course.

Question: A1
Analyze and evaluate your syndicate’s development and functioning as a group or team according to relevant theories and models you encountered in class or in your reading. Discuss your own roles in the syndicate and consider leadership issues. What would you do differently, given your
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There was no time for me to answer this sort of request. I've got a job to do. Besides, I don't report to her!" "But Tom, you don't understand," Kent Davis said. "All Pat Lane is trying to do is improve the present system of boarding passengers on through flights. She has taken the initiative to work on something that might benefit everyone." Tom Ballard thought for a moment. "No," he replied, "It didn't look like that to me. You know I've also had ideas on how to improve the system for quite some time. Anyway, she's going about it all wrong."
Source: Adapted from Gibson, J. L., Ivancevich, J. M., Donnelly, Jr. J. H. & Konopaske, R. (2012), Organizations Behavior, Structure, Processes (14th edition). New York, USA: McGraw Hill, pp 459-460.


Case Questions: Pat Lane
Describe the importance of communication within an organisation. What barriers to effective communication do you detect in this case? Is anyone “wrong” here? By what other means could Lane have requested the information from Ballard? Why is it that horizontal communication is more difficult to attain? What would you recommend that the management of Omega Airlines do to remedy this situation? How would your recommendations improve communication in the organization?

Question: B4 Case Study: Building for the future
‘Every project we take on starts with a question: How can we do what’s never been done before?’ That is the guiding philosophy of Australia’s Lend Lease Corporation. And it has


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