Analyse and Evaluate Your Syndicate’s Development and Functioning as a Group or Team According to Relevant Theories and Models You Encountered in Class or in Your Reading. Discuss Your Own Roles in the Syndicate and

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Analyse and evaluate your syndicate’s development and functioning as a group or team according to relevant theories and models you encountered in class or in your reading. Discuss your own roles in the syndicate and consider leadership issues. What would you do differently, given your experience and this analysis, to enhance the performance of the group and the satisfaction of its members?

Being made-up of people teams are both enriched and impaired by the human activities and deficiencies. According to Larson & La Fasto, 1989 “A team is a unit of two or more people who interact and coordinate their work to accomplish a specific goal”. In our team, relations were very neutral whereas there was no personal and positive relation which
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But He just simply made the report he did not even ask us for any quire and submitted next day to lecturer, because of that we were not deliver proper result in our Written Report.

As, I mentioned above that one of the members in our team were not loyal but the good thing is the other three member had really good and committed to the team whereas, Belbin Team Roles model somewhere still encountered in our reading helps us to bring more harmony to both of us, and as remaining we three team members learn that there are different approaches that are important in different circumstances`
Given above a team is group of people working to attain a goal with little supervision, talking about the leadership there wasn’t any formal leader of the team, however by choosing one of the group partner’s friend’s workplace, he had more responsibilities and have to play as formal/ informal leader but he simple mail us information and never turn up so we three normal interact with them but still as they were free rider they just rely on our work. So to conclude ,a team can only be success if all of the member puts their efforts whereas in our case we have tried hard to provide better information but there was so little bitt information and communication problems Thus, we got very low marks comparing what we aimed and we all have to suffer .

We have really nice working Experience to work in the group and all my three team mates worked together and find out the reason for