System Analysis and Design System Proposal

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I. Overview

Baggao Construction Supply is located in 22 MacArthur Highway, Sta. Rosa City. The company line of business is retail industry. It supplies their customers with the materials and tools in order to satisfy their needs in the field of building constructions and repair of household and business equipment and furniture.
The type of customers who frequently visits the store is mostly regular and need-based customer. Since the store has already existed in that area for a long period of time, customers do buy small or large volume of materials. These customers who buy the products in small volumes are those who reside nearby and also those who are interested in repairing and constructing things on their own. Customers who purchase
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The business has no online database that they could show to the possible customers, the business have no process in collection debts of customer. The marketing approach; the business has low profit on sales and costly prices. Because of this, the business mishandles the of giving of big discounts to loyal customers and ordinary customers to maintain good customer relationship their profit is so small that they have a small profit margin, because of this the business cannot advertise as much. Implementing an Online Customer Support System will help the company; help the customers address their concerns. This will be easy for customers because they would not need to go to the location of the store, the Online Customer Support System will help them with their needs online and make it convenient for the customers. The system should increase the capability of the company to give excellent customer support services. It should also draw more customers to the company and would basically earn the company more profit.

II. Project Organization

A. Roles and Responsibilities

Organizational Structure
As of March 2011, Baggao Construction Supply has a total of 20 employees. That includes one store manager and owner, four managers from each department, four accountant, nine store employees and two delivery men.

Store Manager / Owner: Bryan Lim
Role: He is in charge of entertaining problems and question on each department encounters and checks the company’s working pace


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