Synaptic Corporation

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Executive Summary The Synaptic Corporation is a biotechnology company based out of San Diego, CA. The company develops drugs based on proteins and peptides. To date, one drug has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) but there are two other drugs that are currently in clinical trials. Synaptic is a fairly large company with 1,200 employees. The two main departments that are of issue are the Information Management (IM) and the Computational Biology department. There are no clear define roles and responsibilities of the Synaptic staff and there is a lack of leadership and organizational culture. Additionally, it is unsure exactly what Synapic’s organizational goals and objectives are. This paper will provide a …show more content…

222). The Human resource plan concentrates on the roles and responsibilities of employees, a project organizational chart, and a staff management plan. A Human Resource Plan will also facilitate communication because each employee will know who they report to, who they must collaborate with, and who what their role and responsibilities are. Additionally, a quick refresher course to upper management needs to be given, reminding management that they need to exhibit leadership skills, instilling the Human Resource Plan in them and letting them know exactly what Synaptic expects of them. Conflict Resolution training and a Team Building and Motivating Skills class need to be implemented, requiring all employees of Synaptic to attend. Refresher courses should also be given every 6 months to establish a consistent expectation of communication and collaboration.
In the long term a Project Management Plan needs to be established, which will help Synaptic’s with establishing a new solid organizational culture. A Project Management Plan “is a document that defines how the project is executed, monitored, and controlled and maybe composed of one or more subsidiary management plans or other managing documents” (PMBOK, 2008, p. 443). The elements of Synaptic’s Project Management Plan should include, at a minimum:
 Project Scope Statement
 Work


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