Discuss the Extent to Which Developmental Psychology Has Been Able to Contribute to Improving Children’s Lives.

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This essay will explore how developmental psychology has improved the lives of children diagnosed with specific learning difficulties (SpLD). It will explore how these improvements have been made from diagnosis to assessments, consequences to intervention.
Dyslexia refers to a specific difficulty in learning to read and write. However this is not the only difficulty that children with dyslexia experience and there are variations of their symptoms. These problems appear to stem from fundamental difficulties in the rapid processing and sequencing of phonological information in short term memory. These children also have difficulties with associations with letters and their sounds. Learning their left from right also is difficult. In the
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The assessment is only a snap shot of how the child performed at that time on that particular day. Developmental psychologists have put forward a new method of assessment which would highlight the childs severe and persistent problems when learning to read and write. Such an assessment would assist the child in finding coping stratergies and different ways of learning in order for them to excel as well as a child without such a form of SpLD, it can also speed up intervention, which could allow the child to be assisted earlier on in their school career.
When assessing dyspraxia psychologists it can be difficult to identify as the signs of dyspraxia overlap with other SpLD’s. Dyspraxia is often assessed and treated by medical personnel rather than psychologists as with dyslexia, despite signs and causes impacting similarly on the child education and learning abilities. It is usually due to the social impact which dyspraxia has on the child which dyslexia does not which requires medical attention. A large number of professionals are involved in aiding children with dyspraxia including educational psychologists who assess the motor and perceptual development skills such as sequencing and organisation. A DVMI or movement ABC test will be used in order to identify specific motor skills.
The consequences of living with a SpLD for a