Arena: Assembly Line and Model

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Production line
In this report will be analysed the current production line of a manufacturing company that produces three different products. Because the system is consuming too much resources and it’s not very efficiently, ways to improve all this factors is needed. By identifying the bottleneck an alternative solution can be proposed for this problem. Due to increases of demand, and the need to reduce production costs, the company is considering ways of effectively reducing Work-in-Process and also reducing throughput times whilst maintaining a good level of resources utilization. For analysing the production line, a simulation model was built using Arena software program, based on information provided by company. The
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Priority is selected as medium(2) to which means that the first entity that comes in the system is the first one that will be machined.
From resources “ Machine 1cut “was defined in no. of 1 unit, delay type defined as an expression (also defined in Sequence-“Process Time”), reason for chose this path is because different components need different times for machining. After exiting the station component have bigger value that they had before entering the station (Value Added selected on Allocation box).
For the next 3 station (Drilling Machine 2, Grinding Machine 3, Painting Machine 4) have followed the same steps like in the details above.

At the 5-th station is the assembling machine, and the difference between this station and the rest of 4 stations is the fact that this station operates with 2 machines. To do that on the “Set” module from Basic Process were defined the resources for assembly.

One machine is having a failure problem after running approximately 120 minutes (following an exponential distribution), and the repaired time needed is following also an exponential distribution with a mean time of 4 minutes). For defining this “Failure module from Advanced Process has been used.

Up time defined as (EXPO(120)) when machine is available, down time defined as (EXPO(4)) when machine is broken and needs repaired.

When defining the resource


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