Sustainable Prosperity

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“...the core values that underpin sustainable development - interdependence, empathy, equity, personal responsibility and intergenerational justice - are the only foundation upon which any viable vision of a better world can possibly be constructed.” Jonathon Porritt Globalization and sustainability are forces that are in constant competition. In this global game there emerges a clear victor and an inevitable loss. As a political, social, and economic force, globalization has expanded to encompass our global society; it creates change. As the light falls on those affected by globalization, the practitioner and the subject are brought forth and examined. Where there is progress and prosperity for all, we bring to question the extent to …show more content…

Due to globalization, a country can easily industrialize and grow into world economies. With much owed to globalization, new world economies are less likely to cause dispute amongst each other; socially, this benefits both countries. A nation’s culture and way of life are also affected by globalization through the exchange of ideas. Language, literature, religion—all aspects of cultures are shared. The world has begun to tolerate other culture while promoting their own. Although the dominant cultures, such as those of the United States, influence others through communication and trade, a nation’s own people are the determiners of culture. With access to many different cultures, people learn to tolerate and respect others, which benefits nations’s social prosperity. In Singapore, opposing cultures have come together to live and work. A strong economy within Singapore has created many diverse cultures; as a result, Singapore has four official languages yet remains the world seventeenth richest country in the world. Without globalization, Singapore would not have prospered; its deep roots in trade have determined its fate in the economic world today, and further globalization has spurned economic and social prosperity for the country. Narcissist

As economic globalization spreads wide its many-fingered hand a shadow falls on the environment and its resources. Nations who would not have been able to


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