Spriware Case Study

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1) Has Spriware successfully marketed its products in Canada? Explain why or why not?
Yes, Spriware has been successful in marketing its products in Canada. It sold all the units of refrigerators produced in the Canadian market, in the first year of operation with a market share of 10%. The main factor for its success is its marketing strategy, which they used in two ways. Firstly, they distributed their products to two of the selected large retail groups in the market by conducting proper market research. Secondly, the co-marketing activities carried out by Spriware
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The tax revenues representing 30 % of GDP has enabled the country to develop itself in terms of basic needs for the citizens. The IMF economists have forecasted about Mabuhailand's Government spending to be $50 billion in coming 5 years and it could be a way to get rid of the debt the country has, in future. The energy consumption has increased over the years and so has the country’s per capita income levels, which is a great opportunity for the sales of Spriware’s quality refrigerators against the low quality exports from China. As there is, no domestic production of refrigerators Spriware has the first mover advantage, expand its business venture quickly, and become successful. Overall, my opinion is that the steady economic growth of Mabuhailand would eventually result in increased sales of the refrigerators atleast to be one in twenty household within 10 years. Therefore, this is a potential market for Spriware to expand its business overseas.

3) Assuming the company decided to enter Mabuhailand, what should its market entry strategy be? Fully justify your answer.
According to me, Spriware should strongly consider a Greenfield Investment to enter the market of Mabuhailand. Firstly, when it comes for the company to build a new plant from the scratch it would be pretty much easy as Mabuhailand is rich in natural resources like metals which is required to make a