C&S Wholesale Grocers: Self-Managed Teams

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C&S Wholesale Grocers: Self-Managed Teams

The "team" concept has become the standard in today's workplace due to its ability to increase cooperation and knowledge sharing. However, while the business environment continues to become more sophisticated and demanding, businesses are looking to reduce micro management and shift focus to the company's vision. Consequently, they look for alternatives to the traditional team model, such as the latest concept of a self-managed team, which places an emphasis on team independence and member participation. This emerging concept of a self-managed team is a group of people working independently towards a common objective which is defined outside the team. A self-empowered team promises to
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Additionally, the output quality will increase since the self-managed teams will enable C&S to track the incorrect orders to the particular team and hold the members accountable. There will also be more incentives to work harder, because good performance will be tracked and rewarded. The implementation of self-managed teams in C&S means that employees will need to learn the tasks of other team members. Employees will likely be more focused on their work and may create innovative job solutions, and enjoy the immediate feedback from their teammates that the self-managed team allows. The structure of a self-managed team will encourage people to work harder and not let their team fall behind. Employees will likely be more satisfied and the company's turnover and absenteeism will decrease. The objective of introducing the concept of self-managed team is to reduce paperwork and the congestion in the aisles, the latter cutting the number of injuries. The more efficient organization will bolster C&S' reputation of being the industry leader, which will yield in providing an outstanding level of service to the current clientele as well as its newly acquired account.
The transition from the status quo to self-managed teams has a number of potential risks. Changing the ways of working during peak Holiday season could prove to be highly disruptive to the entire organization. There is a possibility that