Statement of Purpose for Oil and Gas Managaement

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Recent discoveries of oil and gas deposits in some African countries, such as Ghana, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Uganda etc. present new opportunities to chart a sustainable growth and development path that facilitates poverty reduction.
Ghana’s offshore Jubilee field, situated approximately 60 kilometers from the mainland is estimated to have oil reserves of 108 billion barrels as well as significant gas deposits. Ghana’s Jubilee field, which began official commercial production in mid-December 2010, is initially expected to produce 55,000 barrels of oil per day with output set to rise to 120,000 barrels per day over the next six months
The newly discovered natural resources and the
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These academic undertakings have sharpened my critical thinking abilities, enhanced my capacity for independent work, and also broadened my experiences in group-based assignments. During my studies I selected modules on key developmental issues confronting Africa including sustainable development among others. These modules were particularly relevant; as they enabled me obtain a broad overview of the development discourse in Africa and Ghana for that matter. I hope bring along this unique experiences and expertise to enliven the learning experience of other students.

I undertook a mandatory National Service with the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana, where I assisted my boss in secretarial work as well as gathering relevant research material for teaching and research. I also assisted him in his research work on the field and participated in questionnaire administration, audio recordings and taking pictures. I particularly was involved in field surveys concerning customary land tenure, and security of tenure among migrant farmers in the Western part of Ghana. Some of these researches resulted in dissemination workshops of which I participated in workshop facilitation and report drafting.

I am currently studying for a Diploma in Community development, a programme in international Development Studies organised by the Trent University of Canada in collaboration with the Institute of African


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