Agriculture Sector in India: Trends, Issues and Challenges

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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Objective 3
Performance of agriculture sector in india 3
Government policies in agriculture sector 6 suggestions–new policy measure to help agriculture sector 7
Conclusion 8
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Agriculture is a critical sector of the Indian economy. Though manufacturing and service sector industries gained attention during the
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This crippling growth rate of 2.4 percent in agriculture as against a robust annual average overall growth rate of 7.6 per cent for the economy during the tenth plan period was clearly a cause for concern. The trend rate of growth during the period 1992-93 to 2010-11 is 2.8 percent while the average annual rate of growth in agriculture & allied sectors-GDP during the same period is 3.2 percent.”(Reference 3).

Source: CSO
Figure 4: Growth Rates: GDP (overall) and GDP (Agriculture & Allied Sectors)

Note: Figures are at 2004-05 prices.
Source: CSO.

Figure 5: Comparative Performance of Growth of GDP and Agri-GDP
Government policies in agriculture sector

The Indian government has employed several steps to improve the situation of agriculture sector in the country.

Land Reforms:
Land reforms were introduced. The government has encouraged consolidation of land holdings to promote use of modern farm machines. The government took lands of big land owners away and redistributed to landless laborers. The government abolished the Zamindari System.

Public investment:
Modern methods of cultivation were introduced in the country. The government has improved on providing infrastructure facilities such as irrigation, electricity and transportation. Agricultural equipment such as pesticides, pump harvesters, tractors, fertilizers were made available to farmers.


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