Developing Strategic Management and Leadership

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1. Understand the relationship between strategic management and leadership

Q: Explain how has leadership been used to support such strategy and develop an organizational culture that could accept and how the link worked between strategic management and the leadership?

1.1 (Criteria 1.1 Explain the link between strategic management and leadership)

To discuss the relation between the strategic management and leadership we must have understanding what is the meaning of these two terms. Strategic Management and Leadership are interconnected with each other; if we understand the concept of said terms it is easy to explain the whole process in a good manner.
Strategic Management: This phrase can be
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To carry out the stitching work both the parts are compulsory requirement. The work starts with the needle and gets faster when the needle is enough sharp and strong, while the efficiency of stitching depends on the strength of the thread, similarly when the leader is enough sharp, strong in directing the organization the efficiency of the business can be enhanced with the assistance of strategic management which helps the leader to reach his vision with effectiveness.
The conclusion of the discussion; Leadership and Strategic management are interlinked with some minor differences. In the case of strategic management we are trying our best to achieve some long term goals and the same is the case with leadership.
The bottom line of all this discussion is beautifully captured by the golden words of Field Marshal Slim that (quoted in Business Management Study Manual), “Leadership is of the spirit, compounded of personality and vision: its practice is an art. Management is more a matter of accurate calculation, of statistics, methods, timetable and routine: its practice is a science.”
In the case study Mr. Darwin Smith took some bold steps in the corporate and management level with confidence on his team and as a great leader he gave all the credit of success to his subordinates and customers that made a strong link between a leader and


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