U.S. Government

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1. Describe how the U.S. Constitution was formed. Use historical dates and references in your answer.

The Constitution was completed and adopted in Philadelphia on September 17, 1987. One of its main functions was to ensure the thirteen states became worked as one rather than following separate laws. Before the Constitution there was a weaker government that encompassed many problems and holes that needed ratification. This lead to a convention in order to create a stronger central government that would fix the issues the current government was facing. This convention lead to the birth of the U.S. Constitution, which was and still is considered the supreme law. The Constitutional Convention was held at the State House in Philadelphia
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The confederation is the total opposite of the Unitary system. The Confederation hold very little power at the national level distributing the majority of the power to the states. For the most part the Federal System falls somewhere in the middle and seems to work well for our country. 3. How do special interest groups and mass media influence democracy, public opinion, and the political process in America?

I have a huge issue with media. Personally. Not special interest groups I feel people have that freedom to fight for something and we all know we are stronger in numbers. But the media will distort everything and anything to make people hear what they want. Politicians support groups for the funding. Money talks in this country. Politicians need money to run and to fund their campaigns. So they use special interest groups to help fund them and in doing so they make promises to the group. Pardon my language but to me it is a crock of… I believe all it is in the end is a bribe.
Media is everywhere from TV and periodicals to our cell phones and computers. They have the overall advantage. A person is more inclined to believe what the hear on the news or read on their phone than to go above and beyond to get to the bottom line, the truth. Meaning the average American is nothing but a puppet to the media. Their guide on whom to vote for and what to believe all the way to what to wear and how to act. It is a sad world that media creates. Zombies who


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