Sociology and Perspective

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Page 1. Family
A family is “a set of people related by blood, marriage or some other agreed-upon relationship, or adoption, who share the primary responsibility for reproduction and caring for members of society.” (Schaefer, 2009) A family is considered a social institution. This social institution is one that can be applied to all three sociological theories which are functionalism, conflict, and interactionism.
The first sociological theory is functionalism. A functionalism perspective is a “sociological approach that emphasizes the way in which the parts of a society are structured to maintain its stability.” (Schaefer, 2009) This simply means for in the instance of a family that the family in a whole is
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For example a person might act a specific way at work or school a more serious role and then at a party they may play a different role, a role of a cool and laid back. It is to say that interactionism looks at the mechanics of the workings of a institution. The affect that the theories perspective has on the individual's view that is part of the family is different for each perspective. Each perspective has a different view of what makes the institution come together and work as a whole. A individual's view on the functionalist perspective would see how the dynamics of the institution comes together and support each other to be make the family as a whole stable. The individual would see how important it is for each person to fulfill their role for everything to work. For example the individual would see how even a person who would normally be considered dysfunctional can sometimes play important role in a families structure. A person for example who is always ill may actually be a strong way for the family to form a closer bond and to connect with each other and keep them even closer than they were. The individual will also be able to see how dysfunction can cause the family to slip from stable to unstable. If the person who was in charge of making the decisions for the family dies the family will be unstable because there will be problems caused by the lack of decision making. This dysfunction can through the family out of balance for a length


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