Kokoro Natsume Soseki Summary

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SENSEI & I 1. Narrator is in Kamakura. Walks to the beach every day. 2. Sensei was with a foreigner. Narrator watches Sensei’s movement with the foreigner. 3. Sensei drops his sunglasses. Stalks Sensei out to sea. Beginning of friendship. 4. Return to Tokyo. pg.6 “His coldness was a warning to not be friends” Visited grave. 5. Narrator visits Sensei periodically. Thinks he’s lonely. Asks to visit grave with him. Rejected. 6. “I am a melancholy man, you will have to look elsewhere for consolation”-Sensei says sadly 7. Sensei feels happy from drinking alcohol. No children- “Divine right” says Sensei laughing. 8. Sensei and Okusan get into a fight. “misunderstands me”p.15 “We should
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6. Narrator gets a letter about a job. Parents bug him to ask Sensei for a job. 7. Father wants narrator to get a job but stay home too. Narrator isn’t looking for job seriously. 8. Decides to go back to Tokyo. Narrator is interested in the uncovering of mystery of Sensei 9. Father faints again. Narrator decides to stay for a bit. Narrator views father as pathetic. 10. Father is dying. He tells Narrator to look after wife. 11. Narrator thinks of fathers death. Mother bugs to write another letter. 12. Brother arrives. Narrator gets a letter from Sensei. 13. Sensei says nevermind. Father worsens conditions. 14. They take care of father. Brother asks for Senseis plan. 15. Sensei was a mystery to them. Brothers talk about what they would do after fathers life 16. Father loses speech and is delusional. Narrator receives a thick ass letter. 17. Was going to read the letter but father is dying. Reads a little bit of it. 18. Reads the sentence “I will be dead when you see this” Runs to Tokyo.

SENSEI & HIS TESTAMENT 1. Apologized about the job thing. Only thing worth saying is his story. 2. Sensei wanted to write about his past. Sensei respects the narrator when he asks for past. 3. Sensei was less than 20 when his parents died. He was left with his uncle. 4. Sensei went to Tokyo. He trusted his uncle completely. Uncle was a necessity. 5. Uncle moved into his old house. They tried to convince him