Sociology and Socialization

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The term socialization can be defined as the process in which individuals learn the behavioral patterns that are most likely accepted and tolerated in society. This process includes the learning values in which children are taught and they develop the social values of their parents or guardians just by observing them. Socialization occurs from the birth of the individual and continues throughout their life. Socialization is classified as one of the most important process in the family. Of all the major sociological perspectives, symbolic interactionism has probably developed the most detailed theory of socialization, Haralambos, Holborn. Sociology - …show more content…

The functionalist sees the socialization process as an entirely positive process. The Marxist agree that socialization can be an effective way of producing conformity but they don't believe that the process benefits society as a whole. According to Marxist, David Cooper, the family is an ' ideological conditioning device' which conditions children to accept their own exploitation. He argues that ' the family specializes in the formation of roles for its members rather than having a layout of conditions for the free assumption of identity.' He believes that the process confines behavior within narrow limits and restrict self development. A study conducted by Bowles and Gintis [1976] had a similar approach to the socialization process. The study was based on the schooling in the United States. These Marxists argued that the schools hidden curriculum socializes children to be prepared to obey, to see inequality legitimate in society and to be motivated by external rewards, such as a sticker for the completion of assignments. The feminists view on socialization is similar to that of the Marxists. Different feminists have different views of importance on the process of socialization. Liberal feminists emphasizes mostly


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