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* Article Question: According to the author’s standpoint, describe what are the differences between theory/application/focus factors when comparing six sigma, lean and theory of constraints. Please elaborate your answer without writing article sentences, use you own words and demonstrate a comprehensive analysis.

Making a comparison with a simple standpoint, the six sigma’s methodology is used to incremental improvement of existing processes, as it is the six sigma main tool, DMAIC. This tool is a strategy based on statistical quality, which gives much importance to data collection and accuracy of the data as a basis for improvement.
Each step in the methodology focuses on obtaining the best results possible to minimize
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* If your organization values visual change and right now time, the lean thinking might be the way to go. * If your organization values a system approach where total participation is not desired and if it values the separation between worker and management, then TOC might be good way to start.

The Six sigma methodology can be described in five (5) key phases, list and describe each of the phases.

Six sigma includes five steps: define measure, analyze, improve and control. * Define – is the first step in the process. In this step, it is important to define specific goals in achieving outcomes that are consistent with both your customer's demands and your own business's strategy. In essence, you are laying down a road map for accomplishment. * Measure – In order to determine whether or not defects have been reduced, you need a base measurement. In this step, accurate measurements must be made and relevant data must be collected so that future comparisons can be measured to determine whether or not defects have been reduced. * Analyze – Analysis is extremely important to determine relationships and the factors of causality. If you are trying to understand how to fix a problem, cause and effect is extremely necessary and must be considered. * Improve – Making improvements or optimizing your


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