Similarities Between Two Different Tragedies

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It is easy to notice a similarity on the surface of two things that look alike, but when two stories are completely different in their content, it is not easy to detect a similarity. For instance, after we read for the first time “The Necklace” by Guy De Maupassant and “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” by Mary Flannery O’Connor, we cannot connect these two tragedies together. Both were written in a different time by different authors, and they end in a different way. However, if we study deeply both stories, we can find their similarities even though their contexts are different. Although “The Necklace” and “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” are different tragedies, both of them focus on their main characters that suffer from pride, are manipulative, …show more content…

Also, she made him work hard to pay back the debt for a necklace that she had borrowed from her friend and lost. The grandmother in the other story manipulated similarly her family. She knew that her son and his wife did not pay too much attention about what she said, but if she influenced the kids to do something, she could make her son change his mind. She made her grandchildren interested in the place that she wanted to go, so they convinced their parents to go to the house where the grandmother wanted to go. Also, she tried to manipulate the Misfit, telling him that he was a good man when he was not. The circumstances in the story changed the personality in both characters. Mathilde and the grandmother started the stories being two proud persons. We could perceive their pride which made them manipulate the people around them to reach their goals. After the loss of the necklace by Mathilde and of her memory by the grandmother, both characters are humiliated due to their pride and have to do something that they did not want. Mathilde had to work in order to pay back the necklace, and the grandmother had to talk to a fugitive and try to convince him not kill her. At the end of both stories, Mathilde and the grandmother had to loss their pride and see that they are equal to the other persons. Mathilde admitted to her friend that she lost the necklace after passing for a lot of work and see herself as a normal person. The


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