Should the General Manager Be Fired?

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Should the Manager be Fired?
Cohort H Group 2

June 19, 2016

Table of Contents

Executive Summary3
Case Summary3-4
Major Issues5
Analysis of Major Issues 5-9
Action Alternatives9-10
Analysis of Alternatives10-11
Implementation of Issues12-13

Executive Summary This report was compiled with the intent to offer an examination and interpretation of the major issues that arose in the case study “Should the General Manager Be Fired?” In this report, we provide a brief case summary detailing the actual events that took place within the case study. We then locate and describe three main issues that lead to the crisis at Rainbow Group’s Hangzhou Company. Next, we provide analysis of these
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Fully knowing her style of management, he should have known that not fully supporting her would send the wrong message and lead to greater problems. She was expected to fix the problems within Wang’s old-school, relaxed management framework. This was impossible for Chu, a much stricter personality whose plan was to incorporate a newer, leaner management style. Secondly, Chu’s approach to changing the environment and fixing the problems at Hangzhou was poor. She came in with the delusion that all the employees would suddenly change their way of thinking and jump on board with her style of doing things. She underestimated how challenging it would be to change the environment at Hangzhou. The last major issue in this case study was Chu’s lack of trust in the employees and her micro-management style. Her directive management style becomes very negative when she starts micromanaging. Instead of developing an effective team, she sends a clear message that it’s her way or the highway. As far as she is concerned there is no grey area and very little room for feedback from her subordinates.

Analysis of Issues
The first issue is that Cheng made a poor decision to promote Chu as general manager. He did not allow Chu the authority to manage the way she wanted to. Her ways proved to already be successful at the Shanghai branch. Cheng was well aware that Chu was not open to different options and not a good team builder. Cheng wanted the


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