Senior citizen interview

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Interview A Senior Citizen

Vineeta Cooper
September 30, 2013

Interview a Senior Citizen
I interviewed a senior citizen named Debbie. Debbie is 57 years old and was born in Lynchburg, Virginia. She was raised with two other siblings. She has two brothers and she is the oldest of the three. Debbie attended school for thirteen years completing elementary school and high school followed by four years of college. Debbie graduated college with a degree in Elementary Education. Her various occupations over the past years have ranged from a caretaker of small children, homemaker, Sunday school teacher, and general managers of different business. She is currently the general manager of a
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Debbie was in her thirties when she married her husband and he was in his sixties. Debbie stated that the age difference and the fact that she was involved with another man did not go well with her children. Her children did not like the man she married and rebelled against her completely. This caused hardships in her relationships with her children.
Over the years of her marriage to her second husband she continued to work and take care of the needs of her husband. One day they found out that he was diagnosed with cancer and this changed her life dramatically. Her husband husband was in and out of the hospital, she continued to work, and raise her children who were teenagers now. One day Debbie's world was changed when her second husband took his final breath in her presence. The death of her husband was very hard on Debbie, but she felt peace when he passed because she claims she felt the presence of the Lord wrap his arms around her and comfort her. According to Debbie this was the main significant life even that she encountered at the age of 40. She stated that at this time in her life she believed that God put her and him together for a reason. She believed that he took care of her and showed her the respect and love that she did not receive from her first marriage. Debbie said out of all three of her marriages, she valued her second one the most. This is because he never mistreated, abused, or mislead her in anyway.


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