Mcdonald's Senior Restaurant

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Research Overview Quinn McMahon is the manager of a McDonald’s restaurant that has many customers who are senior citizens. She would like to develop a marketing strategy that addresses the needs of her senior citizen patrons. However, she is looking for additional recommendations to improve her marketing mix. It is imperative marketers do not neglect senior citizens as this group makes up 13 percent of the population and they have money to spend (Perrault, Cannon and McCarthy, 2009, p. 140). However, younger consumers are heavy users of chain restaurants and should not be left out of the mix either. For those born after 1980, about 25 percent of restaurant visits are to burger franchises, followed by pizza restaurants at 12 percent …show more content…

Additional Recommendations According to an interview with M. Lawrence Light, McDonald’s global chief marketing officer, their ad theme, “I’m lovin’ it” transcends all audiences. Light recollects, “If you go back 40 years, people wanted to be identified as normal. So they wanted the most popular car and the most popular color. From the consumer point of view, we've had a change from “I want to be normal” to “I want to be special.” Quinn should continue to assist the community in ways that have been condoned by McDonald’s corporate headquarters and aligns with their image and brand. The McDonald’s corporate website indicates the company serves the community in many ways. Quinn can participate by assisting with local scholarships for high school seniors, supporting Camp Mickey D’s which helps high school students transition into the workplace and hosting one of the series of All American High School Basketball games that help raise money for the Ronald McDonald Charities. Quinn should also consider enrolling for a mentoring program for franchise owners that the corporate headquarter offers in order to help her incorporate some of these initiatives.

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McDonald’s Corporation. Our Story


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