Hamlet and Horatio Best Friends for Life: an Analysis of Hamlet

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3 November 2009 Hamlet and Horatio Best Friends for Life: an Analysis of Hamlet In Hamlet, two characters I believe to be important are Hamlet and his friend, Horatio. Horatio is the second most important character in the play. Horatio is Hamlet’s best friend and advisor. Horatio never keeps anything from Hamlet. In Act one, scene one; Horatio, Bernardo, and Marcellus see the ghost of king Hamlet who was killed by his brother, Claudius. After the ghost disappears, Horatio tells Marcellus and Bernardo to reveal to Hamlet what they have seen. “…Let us impart what we have seen tonight Unto young Hamlet; for upon my life, This spirit, dumb to …show more content…

At the end of Act three, Hamlet kills Polonius believing him to be Claudius. “I took thee for thy better.” It was so easy for Hamlet to kill Polonius because he believed him to be Claudius. Hamlet then hides the body because he does not want anyone to know what he has done, or maybe he hides the body because he wants people to believe that he is insane.
At the end of the play, Hamlet forces Claudius to drink from a cup of poison thus killing him. Horatio knowing that Hamlet was dying decides to drink from the cup so he would not be alone, but Hamlet stops him. Hamlet then tells Horatio to tell his story to the world. Hamlet also dies from the same poison.
Throughout the play, Hamlet has been at war with Claudius because Claudius killed his father and then married his mother. At the same time, he is at a constant battle with his feelings. He asks questions that are difficult to answer or even understand, but he always comes up with an answer.
Horatio’s part in the play is the second important part. Without Horatio, I believe that Hamlet would have killed himself, because he would not have any one to share his burden of killing his uncle. Horatio keeps helping Hamlet every chance he gets. Horatio also tries to take poison because Hamlet is dying; if this is not true friendship then I do not know what is.