Recruitment & Selection of Unilever

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Introduction of Unilever:
If the adage 'two heads are better than one' applies to business, then certainly Unilever is a prime example. The food and consumer products giant actually has two parent companies: Unilever PLC, based in the United Kingdom, and Unilever N.V., based in The Netherlands. The two companies, which operate virtually as a single corporation, are run by a single group of directors and are linked by a number of agreements. Unilever considers itself the second largest consumer goods firm in the world, trailing only Philip Morris Companies Inc., and produces numerous brand name foods, cleaning products, and personal care items. About 52 percent of revenues are generated in the foods sector; brands include Imperial and
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The general guidelines are:
A. Effective Practices for Non-Discriminatory Recruiting: ➢ Post in a conspicuous place complete, objective and specific information on all available jobs. ➢ Advertise job openings in media that are read, viewed or listened to by protected or designated group members. ➢ Train employment staff and recruitment officers in outreach recruiting. ➢ Use opportunities to visually present protected or designated group members in positive employment roles (brochures). ➢ Establish networks with community groups from which protected or designated group members are drawn. ➢ Base selection criteria on bona-fide occupational requirements. ➢ Train staff who will be recruiting. ➢ Track all recruitment activities to determine where candidates are coming from, sources for candidates, etc.

B. Ineffective Practices for Non-Discriminatory Recruiting: ➢ Permit receptionist and recruiters to pre-screen applicants on the basis of informal criteria (appearance, dress). ➢ Rely on word of mouth advertising only as the main source for candidates. ➢ Rely solely on seniority when promoting employees. ➢ Allow each recruiter to use and communicate idiosyncratic for selecting among job applicants. ➢ Categorize job applicants based on stereotyped assumptions about protected or designated group membership (women are not physically strong for certain


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