Reminiscence and Life Review Group for Elderly People

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Reminiscence and Life Review Group for Elderly People
Shane Hyde
Jane Westervelt
University of Idaho
Reminiscence and Life Review Group for Elderly People The population of the United States is rapidly aging, and as it does, concerns for the mental health and life satisfaction of the elderly is growing. The U.S. Census Bureau projects a 29% increase in the overall population from 2000 to 2030. In contrast, the number of people 65-84 is expected to grow by approximately 100%, and the number of those 85 and older is expected to increase by 125%. Counselors will increasingly be called upon to meet the unique needs of this older population. One type of group that is gaining more attention for its ability to promote the
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We initially provided the group with some suggestions in regards to potential activities and the group members quickly began suggesting ideas of their own, one which involved the concept of recording their life story as a way to preserve memories for their family. After a brief discussion by group members it was decided that this was an activity they would like to participate in. Although the initial suggestion was to audio tape the interview, it was decided that a video format would be preferred as a way to preserve not only their stories, but to provide a visual remembrance. It was proposed to integrate young people from the community by having them conduct the interviews and operate the recording devices. The group facilitators were responsible for locating and identifying candidates to conduct individual interviews. Once the theme for the group was established a structured activity schedule was developed by the facilitators. Although this was a blind support group, this group project was addressing other issues related to aging. There was very little discussion about vision loss during our groups. Topical discussions were introduced by the facilitators to focus on activities to help conjure up memories from their early years, to discuss their place in society today, and how they are perceived by their families, the community and in particular the younger generation. The 10 week schedule was as


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