Report on the Situational Analysis for Commonwealth Bank of Australia(Cba)

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This report is concerned with situational analysis in CBA. This analysis is important part of marketing plan.
All business needs to take action which helps them keep good position on the market. Before taken any action analysis has to be made. Answers and data which were obtained during analysis can help chose strategies, which help achieve objectives.
At the beginning will be presented brief history of CBA.
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) supports sector with their following industries such as banking, financial and investment service. Founded in1911 as a government bank, received the first guarantees of the federal government. The first bank branch was opened in Meloburne-July 1912. In 1913 there were already
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Customers have "equal “right to all services, however, because of the type offered by the unit which is a bank service-the opportunity to benefit from a service or product isvery individual-dependent on the person's circumstances.
Bank staff carries out their duties fairly-interest of the client upon arrival to provider is nearly instantaneous (depending on the number of clients still at any time in the bank) - a short, nice conversation with the customer during the maintenance and makes sure that all matters which the client wanted to settle have been completed.
 Describe the Current Target Market
Target market for the CBA, any entity (individual or business and government) who intends to use the services offered by the bank, sometimes the market can be selected markets(niche).

Demographic / psychographic profiles:
Bank customers are those with income-ie Most people over 18 years of age, although tending in August with the customer is a minor, who has an account in a bank in which money is paid by parents. Customers include people of all ages,performers of various professions and education.
In our case is the most common product of financial and banking service.
Who is using the product? - Every person who works