Self- Esteem

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Case Scenario Self Esteem

There are many similarities and differences to self-concept, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. Self-concept is the mental image or perception that one has of oneself. Self-esteem is the experience of feeling competent to cope with the basic challenges in life and of being worthy of happiness. Then self-efficacy is confidence in your ability to carry out a specific task in contrast to generalized self-confidence. The only person that can feel self-concept if yourself. It is what you are thinking of yourself at any given time. You could feel that you are a happy, joyful person, while someone else sees you as a depressed and sad being. The was
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Now that she is going home from work feeling sad and alone, she will not be very enthused to spend good time with her children and family. The friends that she has outside of work will see that she is depressed and might think that they have something to do with this issue. Pat's self-concept will drop, making her feel like she isn't good enough or young enough for the rest of the workers. She will start to feel less and less happiness everyday. This is going to impact the way she treats everyone around her making the situation grow worse. Her self-esteem goes hand in hand with the others, she may try less in her presentation of appearance. Since she now believes that she is not good enough for these young people her self-efficacy will fall, she may not try as hard as she can at her work and may not help around the house as much, causing tension with the people she lives with at home. There are three strategies that would be effective in improving Pat's sense of self-efficacy or self-esteem. She can change her appearance, she can try the activities that he co workers do, and be more head strong with making new friends. Pat could improve her self-esteem by reinventing her look, for example she could ask a coworker where they get their hair done and make an appointment there. She could also got to the local mall or boutique, there she could get some newer clothes that complement her new look. She doesn't need to change her self completely but she


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