Research Paper on Facebook Diminishing Privacy

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Privacy is often defined as freedom from the observation, intrusion, or attention of others. If that was taken away from daily life the world would become a collection of omniscient beings that walk around with potentially harmful information about those surrounding them. Stalking would be unnecessary because the internet would do all for the work for us. Social networking sites are creating many such concerns. One of the most widely known social networking sites is Facebook. When reviewing Facebook’s privacy policy, you may want to keep in mind that “an examination of Facebook's privacy policy shows that the informedchoicemodel is completely unrealistic” (Grimmelmann).Facebook not only helps our friends learn more about our daily life, …show more content…

The email address aspect of Facebook is mandatory; there is no way to create an account without an email. Your email address is subsequently shown on your page for all of your friends to see. The problem with this is that even if you hide your email from your friends, it will always be linked to your account through the Facebook database. As helpful as this may be when you forget your password from time to time, it also poses the risk of someone hacking into your email through your account. Hackers can be very creative posting ads through your account that not only provide them revenue from the ad itself, but also allow them to gain new accounts to hack. Most of these advertisements function in the same way as a virus-loaded popup would. Once you click it, “spyware can help stalkers gather information about all their victims' computer activity, including e-mails, chats, instant messages, keystrokes, passwords, and Web sites visited.”(NCVC). At that time the process repeats itself and your email is no longer your own private line of communication, but also a hacker’s playground. While most of the world today views Facebook as a harmless social networking site used to express oneself and share things with distant friends, some view it as easy access to your personal information. Facebook is


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