Scope Statement

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Cupcake Heaven
“We don’t do anything special – we do the simple things especially good.”

Cupcake Heaven
“We don’t do anything special – we do the simple things especially good.”

Scope Statement for Cupcake Heaven
To open a café in an outdoor shopping mall in Destin, FL. The businesses focus will be high-quality cupcakes for an affordable price with an added catering service for special occasions.
I will operate a 1700 square foot commercial space within easy walking distance from the Outdoor Shopping Mall. I have secured this location through a two year lease with an option for extending. I have also provided 25% of the required $80,000 start-up funds. The remaining capital will be obtained through a local
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The baker/pastry chef must have a minimum of three years’ experience. They must have at a minimum a GED or high school diploma. The baker/pastry chef is responsible for baking and decorating the cupcakes, which will be served in the café and delivered for catering. Their responsibility is to see that the kitchen is kept in a clean, sanitary and working order. 3. I will be hiring 5 servers. Their qualifications should be as followed.
The servers must have at a minimum a GED, college students are preferred. I would consider hiring Senior High school students, if I would feel comfortable that they are able to be responsible servers. They must possess a friendly and outgoing personality and have good personal hygiene. The server is responsible for waiting on tables, taking the customers' food and drink orders and acting as cashier for their customers. At the end of their shift, they will be required to complete all side work as assigned. 4. I will be hiring catering manager. The qualifications should be as followed.
She/he must have a minimum of a GED and two years’ experience in the catering business. The catering manager will be taking and overseeing all the cupcake orders for special events. She/he will be updating our website with new cupcake creations and will be available in the store and on the phone for catering questions.

1. Owner/Manager is responsible for the café.
2. Insurance will


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