Organizational Structure and the Affect on It's Members

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Organizational Structure and the Affect on It's Memebers
MGT501, Module 1, Case

Organizational Structure and the Affect on Its Members
In today’s business economy, it is extremely important for companies and businesses to have a management structure, or organizational design, that optimizes the company’s valuable resources. As companies compete in the free market system of Capitalism throughout the global economy, the need for a successful organizational structure becomes extremely important to gain advantage in the competitive market. Businesses and organizations require an organizational design which allows them to compete in the global economy with a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency.
Trained and qualified employees are
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According to the study done by C.S. Spell and T.J. Arnold, an employee’s mental health can be related to either individual-level or group-level perceptions of justice.
The mechanistic structure can have several effects on its members. Some members are very comfortable taking orders, completing daily assigned tasks, and not having a voice or opinion in decision making. Few members enjoy working in an environment where management is behind closed doors, unseen, making all of the decisions. Some members could feel discouraged that their ideas or opinions about work related issues go unheard by decision makers, which could lead to feelings of powerlessness.
Organic Organizational Structure
The organic organizational structure can be described as flexible, loose, and decentralized. The organic structural environment is open and informal communication is encouraged. The organic organizational structure allows the employees to adapt. (Ambrose & Schminke, 2007).
According to Ambrose and Schminke’s (2007), study, because organic structures rely more on interactional factors such as elaboration, face-to-face communication, and mutual respect, the significance of these interactional influences in organic organizations should increase the relevance of these interactional aspects of justice. For organic structures to operate effectively, interactional justice must be high (C.S. Spell & T.J. Arnold, 2007). The organic


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