Sampling and Data Collection in Research Paper

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Sampling and Data Collection in Research Paper
BSHS 435
January 12, 2015
Heather Suggs

Sampling and Data Collection in Research Paper Research is essential to improve the effectiveness of the delivery of human services and to further the education of human service professionals. Research allows human service professionals to understand and apply what was learned in research to better assisting clients to accomplish their objectives and goals. There are different ways to conduct research in human services. I will be discussing two ways to conduct research which are sampling and data collection. I will discuss the purpose of sampling and data collection and how it relates to human service.
Sampling is one way to
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Measures There are four levels of measurement used to gauge data collected which are nominal measures, ordinal measures, interval measures, and ratio measures (Monette el al., 2011). Nominal measure is simply naming or categorizing the data that is collected like gender, religion, or ethnicity. Ordinal measure is used to rank or placing the data collected in order. Interval measuring is when you use a numerical scale to measure in intervals like taking the temperature from 0 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Ratio measurement has all characteristics of interval measurement with zero point as an absolute. There are two categories of scales of measurement used in research which are reliability and validity. Reliability is used to measure the ability to get a consistent result each time is is applied (Monette el al., 2011). An example of reliability is like a test that is designed to assess students knowledge in history. The test could be given to a group of students twice, with the second administration of the test coming a week after the first. The obtained connection would indicate the stability of the scores. Validity is a kind of measure that is properly executed and how well a test measures what it is claimed to measure. An example would be if my scale is off by 7 pounds, my scale


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