Hunting Pros and Cons

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Dannielle Fory
BIO-220 Environmental Science
May 4, 2013
Steven Lenk
Hunting has been a way of life for thousands of years. As long as humans have been on earth, they have been hunting to provide food for their families. For many decades now, hunting has started to cause conflict among people. One of the main issues that have cause conflict has been overharvesting. Overharvesting can also cause issues with habitat and may put a strain on the relationship between the predator and the prey. While there may be issues, there are also benefits of hunting. Hunting controls the population of certain species. Hunting is one of the long time traditional ways of controlling the population of animas such as the white tailed deer.
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Methods of population control vary from state to state. In some cases, deer can be transported to different areas where the population is low. Other methods include using fertility control agents on the deer to prevent them from reproducing, or introducing a natural predator into the over populated area. In Cooperstown N.D., they have an issue with over population of deer that is affecting the Cooperstown Country Club. There are too many deer on the golf course. To get a handle on this issue they have offered youth first, not adults, at least at first, the opportunity to bow hunt to reduce the amount of deer. The cities plan is to start with hunter under the age of 18 and limit the area they will be allowed to hunt. This area will be at least 300 feet from the course. This plan also helps out the local schools with youth bow hunting projects. (Bonham,2009) Hunting is a very popular sport, and everyone seems to have his or her own opinion on it. You have your people that are without a doubt for the sport and your people that are one hundred percent against it. Hunting allows man to become one with nature, which builds character and as mentioned above, can control population. While some believe, that hunting should be outlawed because they see it as the ambushing of defenseless animals; others see it as a resource that provides their family with a variety of meats. Due to today's


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