Critical Analysis: Social Media

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Anthony Moye
ENGL 101 Sec. 5
Fall 2012
They Say / I Say Essay 1
Critical Analysis: Social Media Find me on Twitter, Facebook, and even MySpace, because we are here to change the world so “follow” me. I have read the writings of Malcolm Gladwell and Dennis Baron to analyze and write about. They have both presented different points and ideas on the significance of social media and how it has affected our world past and present. Gladwell’s essay, “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted” is focused on the sit-in of 1960, an event started by four African American college students who went to a local diner for service, but were denied because of their race. This turned into a historic protest, stretching across the Deep
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The statistics convince me more powerfully because I am a firm believer in numbers and numbers never lie; can be worked with sort of like math to always get the same answer every time proving to be nothing but truth. I found that Baron didn’t use as many quotations as Gladwell. Gladwell gained a lot of my attention with those supporting quotes, because in a way it showed that others agreed with his thoughts. He had several quote sandwiches in his essay – a writing skill that I just learned in these past three weeks; they help provide further information and reasoning and make everything understandable. Baron’s essay is much shorter than Gladwell’s and he didn’t incorporate any useful quotes in it. I don’t feel that he needed any though, I’ve read it several times and have a clear understanding of the point that he was trying to make out with his essay. He uses more personal information that he has previously researched in he writing. Finally, the writers’ intended audiences affect the unfolding of both their arguments. To me I never found an intended audience to either one of the author’s essays. This may be because I am not that much of an experienced reader or I haven’t perfected the skill of reading in depth or knowing what I should specifically be looking for in each reading. I feel that both authors wrote informative essays and that something can be learned or taken


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