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Learning Log - Activity 3.7

The purpose of the study for learning log –Activity 3.7 was conducting a literature search for suitable papers on stakeholder theory. During the study I used common rules for searching literature: * scoping (and context) (Collins and Hussey, 2008); for scoping I usually looking for a last ten-five years literature * key word(s) searching in present I used words such as ‘Globalization”, “Sustainability, etc. * refining the search on stakeholder theory. I selected articles from journals in ABS (Association of Business Schools) list rated level “3” and “4” only. (ABS,2012)
During this log I passed some stages: * search literature on the stakeholder theory * review the literature * select
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Brief Summary:
Integrating the central messages in all three articles highlights the role of business in advancing a sustainable world condition. Despite diversity in stakeholder interests, Gibson (2012) emphasized the moral requirement of a framework for legitimate management functions. On globalization, Jensen and Sandström (2011) discussed the potential blind spots of stakeholder theory, particularly in the dimension of power relations. Developments of the theory, with the normative principle as its base, should relate with political responsibility. Stakeholder theory entails comprehensive restrictions on management function and behavior, but it is only when placed in the context of responsible globalization and progressive sustainability that it becomes a crucially effective approach.

Reference list: 1. ABS 2012 — Association of Business Schools, Academic Journal Quality Guide [Online] Available at [Accessed 23 September 2012] 2. Agle B, Donaldson T, Freeman E, Michael C. Jensen, Ronald K. Mitchell, and Donna J. Wood 2008 'Dialog : Toward superior stakeholder theory Business Ethics Quarterly Vol.18, Issue 2.p.153-190 [Online] Available at Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost,


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