Int1 Task 3

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INT1 Task 3

Does freezing popcorn yield more popcorn?

Project Design Plan.

This scientific experiment is to gauge the amount of kernels popped when the storage temperatures of the kernels are changed. Does freezing popcorn kernels for 24 hours yield more or less popped kernels than popcorn kernels stored at room temperature? By performing this experiment we can decide how to maximize our food potential. We will purchase six identical brands of popcorn from the local food store that have the same ingredients, weight and brand name. We will take three of the bags of popcorn kernels and store it in a standard household freezer for twenty four hours. The temperature
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Tools needed for this experiment.

• Six bags of Jolly Time 100 calorie healthy pop kettle corn. Twelve ounce bags.

• Standard kitchen freezer.

• Standard kitchen microwave. (In this case we used a 1200 watt microwave.)

• Black maker to indentify the bags for freezer and room temperature storage.

• Four bowls.

• Masking tape to indentify each bowl for the trials.

• Roll of paper towel to lay out the un-popped kernels.

• One pen to document for results on your chart.

• Taylor food classic Freezer-Refrigerator thermometer mercury based with large dial under glass.


The main controlled variable will be the Jolly Time popcorn brand. Other controlled variables are the microwave, time stored and time used to pop the kernels. Use the two main independent variables for the storage of the kernels during the twenty four hour period which are the freezer and room temperature shelf. This will leave you with the dependant variable for your final results which is the un-popped kernels.

Reducing the threats to internal validity.

We must make sure the every step of the way is controlled and consistent. Any misstep will result in misleading results. It is important to purchase the popcorn from the same store. This will make sure the popcorn was from the same manufacture and distributor. We want the popcorn to come from the same creating process. By


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