Person Centred Care

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This essay will reflect upon an incident that occurred whilst in placement at a Unit for Clients with behaviour and learning needs, and associated autistic difficulties. Clients are both sexes and range in age from four to eighteen. It will be undertaken, defining person centred care in relation to the incident, it will demonstrate awareness to roles and responsibilities of professionals in meeting the needs of the client and it will demonstrate the importance of inter-professional collaboration and discuss the issues that facilitate or act as barriers in this partnership. In Order to Maintain Confidentiality the client has been provided a pseudonym (Nursing and Midwifery Council 2008). Permission was also granted from this client to use …show more content…

The trust and collaboration with patients is derived not simply from the practitioners clinical focus and expertise, Communication Channels, Quality Standards, levels of co-operation and even explicit patient orientated policies are also now equally important ingredients. (Meads 2005)

Working with individuals with a learning disability requires a psychological and often physical closeness which would not necessarily be required by a patient who is not cognitively impaired. Promoting and maintaining professional boundaries is as important and arguably will be of greater concern, the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Conduct states that all time the nurse must maintain the appropriate professional boundaries (NMC 2008), however the main aim of those charged with the care of those with learning disabilities is to work in partnership with each other to support the well-being and social inclusion of those with learning disabilities, by improving and maintaining their physical and mental health.
The more the patient is viewed as a partner in the care process the greater the likelihood that they can influence collaborative behaviour, (Meads 2005) however as Alex was not viewed as partner the collaborative behaviour was missing making the situation a tense and difficult one. Inter-professional work is vital if the complex and broad ranging needs of disabled people are to be met, indeed all service work for


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