Research Paper: Emotional Eating

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Emotional Eating and Dietary Habits

Food portion sizes have dramatically changed over the last twenty years and in correlation so have the obesity rates in the United States. Obesity rates have increased for all population groups over the last few decades. According to The National Control of Health Statistics (2008), since 1988 the United States obesity rates have increased for men and women a combined total of 16.8 percent. The focus of this research proposal is on food portion sizes and social networks. I chose to focus specifically on myself while monitoring and charting my food intake while I am surrounded by my social network and while I am not. This proposal will review an organization that is dedicated to working with
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The purpose of this study was to identify the many different patient decision making tools that were noticed once Brown & Gould (2011) combined these 29 qualitative studies. The majority of the 29 qualitative studies was from the UK, USA, and Australia, involved urban rather than rural populations, and involved mixed samples of men and women, but overall, women outnumbered men by a ratio of 4:1 (Brown & Gould, 2011). The studies were conducted by a mixture of individual in depth interviews and focus group methods, with twenty of the studies being individual interviews and the remaining nine being group methods (Brown & Gould, 2011). Brown & Gould (2011) found that cultural identity as well as social structures of gender and age can be anticipated as influences that affect perceptions of appropriate roles, body image, attributions of weight gain, health orientation and sensitivity to stigma among others. Many dimensions are evident that would affect decisions about weight management, but personal motivators and barriers were the most mentioned topics among the reviewed studies. “Vague motivators (general attractiveness) and unrealistic expectations (weight loss far exceeding the best trial evidence) were commonly identified, and they are not likely


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