Influence Consumer Purchase Behaviour for the Coffee Bean

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1. Introduction:
In this 21st century, a demand of the coffee and tea is ever-increasing in complexity due to the new life style of modern people. People become more particular in choosing the coffee brand. Buyers hence may have to mainly rely on the brand image and the reputation of the manufacturers in order to simplify their purchase decisions. In addition to brand image, there are other factors that contribute to consumer purchase decision-making such as price of the products, servicescape and so on.
Through the identification of the ‘Management Decision Problem’; Hypotheses and Research Objectives were developed based on the THREE independent variables identified in the Conceptual Schema earlier. These factors will in a way affect
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Therefore, in this current study, it will be tested if price has a positive relationship to that of perceived quality and consequently to willingness to buy.
Brand name:
This review sets to explore further as to whether brand image appeals affect consumer responses and behaviours. Keller (2000) quoted that “the power of a brand lies in the minds of consumers or customers” (as cited in Hsieh, Pan and Setiono, 2004). Perceived brand image of firm to consumers will probably vary from one to another and from which the firm intends to deliver. Bird, Channon and Ehrenberg (1970) defined brand image as an “attitude about a given brand.” This field of study has continued since then as marketers gradually realize the importance of brand image, which is arguably the key component of brand equity (Keller, 1983), on top of the fundamental role it plays for marketing mix tactics (as cited in Hsieh et. al, 2004).
A successful brand image enables consumers to differentiate its brand from competitors and identifying the needs the brand satisfies, and it consequently increases the likelihood that consumers will choose and purchase the purchase the brand. In the current study, Keller’s (1993) conceptualization describing relationship between brand image perception and purchase behaviour will be referred. It suggested that perception of brand image consisted dimensions of product-image; corporate-image; and country-image. These perceptions will then


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