Research Essay on Isolation

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Brianna Gilfoy
Prof. Ross Clarkson
ENG 1100
December 2, 2015
Isolation Warps a Human For most, being alone and isolated is a nice way to get away from overwhelming events happening in life. However, when it comes to extreme cases, isolation is very bad for someone’s well-being, according to Michael Bond who states, “for most people, prolonged social isolation is all bad” (Bond, “How Extreme Isolation Warps the Mind”). Overall, isolation has several negative impacts on the human mind and body. Extreme isolation can affect someone in three distinct ways: physically, mentally, and socially. Isolation can be caused either by yourself or by others. Isolation is being separated from others by one of the three following
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Bond states, “Some of the most profound effects of loneliness are on the mind…such as periods of mental instability” (Bond). Studies have shown that people who are isolated experience higher stress levels, lower self-esteem and sleep disorders. The new rise in the a penal form called supermax prison increasing the number of prisoners held in isolation. This increase in isolation of prisoners is also leading to an increase of mental illnesses within the prisoners. As Craig Haney states in his article, “correctional staff who worked in supermax units observed adverse symptoms that occurred in prisoners, including appetite and sleep disturbances, anxiety, panic, rage, loss of control, and hallucinations” (Haney 130, “Mental Health Issues in Long-Term Solitary Confinement”). Many of these mental illnesses occur because when held in solitary isolation, normal, everyday care is lost resulting in major mental instability. When returning to the story about the young girl Anna, her mental health was affected very negatively after being held in isolation for the first six years of her. As Davis states, “One conclusion seems safe, that her isolation prevented a considerable amount of mental development that was undoubtedly part of her capacity” (Davis 434). Since Anna was not exposed to the world at a young age like other children, her mental capacity and stability are much weaker than those of other children. Overall, isolation


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