Religion in a Multicultural World

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In a multicultural world where language, traditions and culture differ from country to country there is one thing that may be deemed to be true and this is that religion is the centre point for most of them. So then what exactly is religion? And how can you define it? In this paper I will be analysing and considering the different definitions that have been proposed by Victoria S. Harrison in her article “The pragmatics of defining religion in a multi-cultural world” and what I consider to be the most applicable definition of religion to date, though there may not be one. Firstly before we can analyse a text we must first understand what the author or publisher of that particular text is trying to bring forward. In Harrison’s
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134). This then brings us to Harrison’s second definition of Religion. Affective definition
Affective definition in Harrison’s view was defined by Friedrich Schleiermacher who stated that “the essence of religion consists in the feeling of absolute dependence” (Harrison, 2006, pg.135) before continuing on it must be said that Schleiermacher did not deny that religion incorporated different practices and values such as teachings, doctrines and creeds instead he undermined the importance of them. Which many may say was a bit hypocritical of him seeing as he was coming from a strict Lutheran religious background. Many today have used this definition of ‘dependent’ religiosity as ways to define religion as a myth or superstition and they have considered religion as terms in which have become an obstacle to human beings advancement and development and a limitation for free life. Which has in so many ways has deferred from the original main purpose or definition that Schleiermacher presented. Moreover Schleiermacher’s definition of religion cannot be considered as a definition with no faults; Harrison tells us this when she herself states that “Religion as a feeling would not appear


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