poverty vs education

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In today’s society it’s hard to get by. Many people and families don’t know how they’re going to make it through the month, some don’t know how they’ll make it through the week; others don’t know how they’ll make it to the next day. The point is that many of the people in our society are struggling day by day just to make a living. What good is it that our educators and society continue to instill in our brains that we need to get an education in order to be able to make a decent living and when we take that advice that we are given we still find ourselves with an education and still struggling. Things are constantly changing in today’s society, but the one thing that seems to maintain its negative status is the
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The poorly funded schools aren’t offered all of the organizations that could help them explore career paths and aren’t offered classes that would prepare them for a higher education. These are the students that go to college and lose motivation and hope because they can’t move at a college pace and are not able to grasp information and eventually end up with failure. These students weren’t offered a solid learning environment all because of low funding. The schools that these students attended had high student to teacher ratios, they had limited clubs, organizations, and college readiness classes offered. These schools did not supply students with efficient classroom equipment to be able to succeed in all courses to their full extent. Funding has a lot to do with the way our education system works, and the way our education system works has everything to do with the way our society runs. If we cannot prepare the next generation properly the way they should be prepared in order to keep our society running the way it should and always growing instead of falling apart, we will fall as a nation.

Our education dropout rate is increasing each year. Our tuition rate for school seems to be going up and not enough people can afford it so instead of trying to figure out other arrangements for going to school they decide to take the easy way out and just not attend in total. When people decide to take that easy way out they eliminate themselves for


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