Regulatory Agencies Paper

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Regulatory Agencies Paper
August 18, 2014
Joyce Wooten
Instructor / Nicolas Gross

Regulatory Agencies Paper
The concept of regulatory agencies has many boundaries and their responsibility is to license long-term care facilities to ensure compliance of laws and regulations. It is stated that in the United States the long-term care (LTC) marketplace is normally recognized as one of the most strongly regulated sectors in the economy, although there are differences in the degree of regulations across long term care establishments (Stevenson & Grabowski, 2006). Therefore, every long term facility are held responsible to abide by the regulations set forth to properly provide accurate
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(Stevenson & Grabowski, 2006. Government regulation plays a key role in safe guarding quality of care in long term care facilities.
In most states they have their own regulations that long-term care facilities are required to follow in alliance with federal regulations. In generally, state regulations are equivalent or sometimes exceed federal regulations and have different techniques when it comes to enforcing and setting guidelines (gmcf, 2014). Therefore, the last regulatory agency is The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH).
This program is assigned to have control of the state Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program and the Nurse Aide Registry. (DCH) enters into agreement with Alliant GMCF to aid the administration and oversight of the Georgia Nurse Aide Program, the Nurse Aide Registry and Nurse Aide Training Program (gmcf, 2014).
The function of the Alliant and GMCF is to ensure that the appropriate educational plans and procedures of the Nurse Aide Registry are in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations and with State requirements. This program was established in 1990 from the (OBRA) Federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (gmcf, 2014). The undertaking of OBRA was to enlarge the quality of care by assuring that all nurse aides working in long term care facilities have minimum skills for


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