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Reflection Paper #1 Rhonda Carter Theology 104-D11 LOU April 15, 2013

I. Introduction This paper will be written to discuss the two topics I have chosen to write about for my first reflection paper. The topics I chose are spiritual gifts and love. When you start to think about it, these two things go together. If a person uses their spiritual gifts for the right reasons they will be doing it out of love for God. A lot of people these days do not use their spiritual gifts to edify God or to show the love of God to others. They are only looking for the praise of others to build their own self-worth. II. Part One: Spiritual Gifts a. Theological Definition A spiritual gift is a divine gift
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To me the greatest love that the Bible shows us is the love God shows us every day even though we do not deserve it. He came down and became man, lived a perfect sinless life, and died on the cross for my sins. The greatest thing He did was show me that there is hope for a new life with His resurrection. The best known verse of love is John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall have everlasting life.” b. Biblical Foundation We are shown all the way through the Bible the love that God has for the world he created. He is telling us daily and showing us how much He loves us. In Proverbs 8:17 He tells us that He loves the ones that love Him and seeks Him diligently. Jesus told us that the greatest commandment was to love one another as He loves us. (John 13:34) We can see God’s love for us both the Old Testament and the New Testament. We can also see the love that man has had for God throughout the bible. We are also shown what happens to those who do not love God. In Psalm 145:20 it says, “The Lord preserves all them that love Him: but all the wicked will He destroy.” When a believer can follow the greatest commandment as stated above, then all the other commandments will follow without any problem. c. Practical application I feel that one of the biggest problems the world has is that people reject the love of God


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