Math Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper

Peggy Clayton

University of Phoenix


Shannon Manke

January 18, 2010

Running Head: Reflection Paper

Math has been around for quiet a long time. We all see math in a different way some can grasp it and some cannot. Learning math concept is very frustrating some will master it and some want. I have struggle with math myself. In fact, every time the word math was said throughout my school years and I hated it. Now throughout this course, I realize that I need a great amount of math skills before I can even consider teaching math skills. Math is a difficult concept to teach. So how can I teach math, if I do not understand it myself? This is a question I must ask myself and hopefully one day not
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I can remember some of the ways my teacher taught me some math concepts that was very helpful to me and still finding out that some of the little tricks and trades are still being taught. The course has had a great impact on me as a student and a teacher. I know now that I have a lot of work to do in order to become a good math elementary teacher in the future. I know now my math skills need a lot of work. Learning the online way was difficult for me because I guess I need interaction to learn just as I would want to teach my students. I will take all the lesson learned and apply them to my future of becoming an educator. I plan on extending my math learning through labs and other courses if that’s possible. I will definitely hold on to all my math books to refer to in the future.

My recommendation for changes to the practice of mathematics instruction based on my experiences is; some of the ways they explain the math problem to me as an online student I found it very difficult to understand and how it was presented as well. It was very hard for me to understand it, say for instance, some of the way they go about presenting it was very difficult. If you give an example don’t give so many at one time show just what is needed. How would you show that particular student how to learn the certain concept when you are given so many example and they do not understand the question. What I would suggest shorter


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