Reflection Paper: Girl, Interrupted

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Reflection Paper: “Girl, Interrupted”

1. Based on the movie and real life, do you think we need other people to help us understand and solve our problems? Why or why not?

Absolutely. Without the presence of other people, there would be no social point of reference as to what would be considered “normal”. In order for an abnormality to exist, be it physical or psychological, there must be a widely accepted concept of “normalcy”. If a certain individual is said to be suffering a problem (in this case, mental or social), it implies that there is some sort of deviation or inhibition of a societal “correctness”. The only way to determine this correctness is by comparing the so-called problem with social norms, defined by the majority of the
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“Maybe everyone out there is a liar. And maybe the whole world is stupid, and ignorant. But I'd rather be in it. I’d rather be fucking in it, than down here with you.” - Susanna
3. How did you feel about the movie? Elaborate.
As I talked about earlier, I think this movie is a brilliant commentary of Conformity vs. Nonconformity. It gracefully summarizes the spectrum of the perception of reality and outlines the defense mechanisms we suffer to maintain these various realities. “Georgina only lies to people that keep her here. Maybe she wants to live in Oz forever.”
Polly’s delusion represents a full suspension of reality; she doesn’t seem to realize what she’s done or want to grow up. People lying to themselves to protect themselves.
Georgina represents those afraid to face their insecurities; she lies to everyone about herself to retain her value. Lying to others to protect themselves.
Daisy’s illness might represent people who live in luxury at the expense of integrity. Daisy was self-mutilating and self-hating because she was trying to cope with the guilt she felt for enjoying relations with her own father.
Susanna represents all people suffering the pressures of normal life. Doubt of self-worth, fear of insignificance, being ostracized.
Lisa was deemed a sociopath because she had no moral compass; she was erratic, violent,


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