Community and Public Nursing Reflection Paper

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Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection
Lorraine Gambino
May 6, 2013
Bonnie Schoettle

Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection
Incorporating preventative recommendations into clinical work can be a complicated and multidimensional obligation. According to Silva, Cashman, Kunte, & Candib, “addressing preventative recommendation alone for patients in a typical day requires in excess of 7.4 hours” (2012). Health care providers are also aware that within the community centers, chronic medical conditions inconsistently afflict low-income and minority inner city residents. However, practitioners understand their public duties to address issues. The nature of family and community-based means that nurses and
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Upon reflection of the family situation, three nursing diagnosis has been identified: 1.) Knowledge deficit related to drug addiction 2.) Family process altered related to alcohol and substance abuse, 3.) Helplessness related to inability to help children with drug addiction. Interventions are slowly being introduced to the family as they have expressed some fear of failure and scrutiny from their extended family members. From the collection of data obtained through community research, pamphlets have been provided as well as phone numbers to the local public programs, such as Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (ADAS), and Prescription & Over-The-Counter Abuse Program. Father and Mother of Family A has agreed to sit with both adult children and set boundaries and give specific expectations and to provide them with pamphlets from public assistance programs.
At conclusion of interview, Father of Family A as well as Mother felt a sense of relief and are encouraged that their children will participate in a drug rehabilitation program within the next few weeks and seek help from a medical doctor regarding their depression. A follow up visit and a phone interview is scheduled in the next few days and further assistances will be provided along with emotional support.

Jackson, D., Andrew, S., & Cleary, M. (2012). Family and


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