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Course Project

Intel Corporation has been great in the past when it had seen success. But of the last couple decade its success has not been top shape. But to achieve this success they are reaching for they will need an effective deployment strategy within their market, Intel Corporation needs to implement a technology strategy that will showcase its encompasses ability to involve business groups throughout the planning process, while maintaining integration of the processes from within things like their corporate planning schedule, Intel’s plans should rapidly change within the market, and staying abreast of the technology curve while simultaneously achieving the largest returns conceivable on every initiative and areas of
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Similarly, Intel’s core competencies were created during several decades in the industry. Beginning in Intel’s initial years in the seventies, an expansion in innovation, within their manufacturing processes grew, and Intel began to become very successful in the semiconductor industry. Intel was able to produce a varying product line and dominated the “memory devices” market. Intel’s early success with the production of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) occurred during the early eighties but by the end of those years IBM was able to create a significant influence in the market with the success of their personal computers (PC’s). In response to the shifts in the market, Intel was able to regroup and revolutionize their technology and focus on micro-processing. This technological shift enabled Intel to procure a fifteen year period of achievement and growth and allowed Intel to be recognized for its superior management and ability to stay abreast of fluctuations within its industry, while maintaining its overall business strategy. Intel’s core competencies and superior CPU engineering have enabled them to become the leading and most lucrative microprocessor manufacturer in the industry. Other significant core competencies that Intel retains are the fundamental process technology that exists in